“I Don’t Get Anything Out Of It”

Recently I saw a trending hashtag on Twitter that drew my attention. It was “#Imnotgoingtochurchbecause “. Now I know that the gospel of Christ is not something that everyone agrees with. I know that there are a large number of people who will take any opportunity to attack it. This hashtag, in particular, peeked my interest. Why is it that people don’t go to church. With major hesitation, due to the open forum of Twitter, I dove in for a look.

Now first and foremost, there was the smattering of disgusting comments and just plain ignorance. I will not take the time to repeat them, you will just have to imagine (although I suggest you don’t waste any time on it). Then there were a few that sparked the idea behind this blog post. They were the ones that pointed toward the thought of “Not getting anything out of it”.

Huh? Why in the world would you consider getting anything out of it? What really is in it for you? Is there something you hope to gain from your presence in a place of worship, or rather, is it that you have given back that time for worshipping he who gives you every second of everyday?

The ultimate goal of going to the church you attend should never be for personal gain but instead immersing yourself in a window directly into Heaven. Now personal growth is a benefit of worshipping together with other members, your brothers and sisters in Christ, but going and worshipping should be about the giving, not the getting.

If you do or have thought about going to church, whether it is on Sunday or to a daily Mass, consider that it is you and your family giving time to worship. It is a time of giving thanks for all that you have been blessed with. It is a time of intimacy with the creator of Heaven and Earth. It is a time to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ as he commanded us to do. He gave us the guide. He commanded we do so.

Consider for a moment how blessed you will be when your attention is on God. The entire world melts away. You spend time brining God joy. Go to church. Be in fellowship with your christian family. Spend time with God. Bring him joy!

Be blessed,

Deacon Jason Bowden