What Will The Minstrels Sing?


“It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” -Matthew 15:11 (ESV)

Ever wonder what kind of mark you will leave on the world? I have often wondered if I will accomplish anything in my short journey on this revolving rock that will leave any kind of mark. Actually, if truth be told, as an Ordained Deacon I mostly hope that my mark will be found in Heaven by maybe one or two souls that my life helped bring them closer to God and ultimately home. But let’s see what kind of mark we are leaving.

What will the Minstrels sing? I often joke about the medieval songsters and wonder what my ballad would sound like. Would they write about me being a good Son, Husband and Father. Would they croon on about my ministry attempts, chanting of the Gospel or my witness? Or, would my song contain bridge after bridge about failed attempts?

Most people will never enjoy the spotlight. Most of us will carry on about our days in life doing just the best we can. We can smile at the end of the day, hoping we left a good impression on those whom God has placed in our lives. It is a good reminder to grow where you are planted. To be that very person, in this very place where we are, because that is God’s design.

So what kind of voice has he given us. Well, for one, I have many connections on Social Media. Some I have known personally my entire life. Others I have never met in person, but have come to know them through posts, comments, likes and so forth. What kind of mark am I leaving on them? How am I presenting myself, my family, my ministry and my Christian life?

I present you with this thought (as stated in St. Matthew’s Gospel) “It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” (Matthew 15:11 ESV). This is especially important to remember as we post, share and comment on Social Media and in our daily activities in life. I see a lot of young and older friends of mine that maybe could use a look at the above quoted passage. Sometimes, yes, I have been guilty of the same. Remember believers, that we individually represent ourselves, our families, our church, our religion and yes, our God. We should all consider this the next time we decide to share a bit of our lives on the internet. This is the modern form of the famed minstrel, carrying on with the lyrics that make up our story. It is what many of our friends, family members, current/future employers and very importantly, our kids see and may remember about us.

New year, new beginnings. Let’s all give the world our best face and words. Love will triumph. Remember, if we have chosen Christ, we have already picked the winning side. In the end, we win. Let’s make the family of God one that all people turn to. Let’s make this new year a time of bigger and better things for the kingdom.

Be blessed,

Deacon Jason Bowden

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