Resolve To Not Resolve


Happy New Year! I hope and pray that the new year finds you all happy, healthy and joyous.

The coming of a new calendar year is yet another reminder that all things, in God’s creation, reset and are made anew. So, as we look back at 2016, what have you decided to resolve? Weight loss? Stop drinking or smoking? Be happier?

I have one for you. Resolve to not resolve.

In May of 2015 I stopped and took a deep look at my own life. Sure, I was happily married (and still am), Had a beautiful Daughter, good job, Good ministry and so on. Times were good and life was solid or so I thought.

Who is that guy in the mirror? Woof, you put on a few pounds there champ! My Arthritis was horrible, but, I didn’t like all those dietary restrictions. I had been blessed with all the things that should be counted as a happy life, except how I had treated myself. What about those around me? Was I treating them the same?

It was at that time that I could point out so many things that were robbing my joy that I decided to make some changes. The problem was I had made a new year’s resolution for each and every one of them before and was obviously not successful.

So what worked? Along with all of those blessings I listed before, I am now free of the pains of Arthritis and dropped 120 lbs. The question I get now, right off the bat…How did you do it? Will you share your secret with me?

It took me 42 years of walking my journey of life to realize that the ultimate change that had to be made was giving up control. God was the only way that my life was going to get on track. Sure, I was “happy”, but I wasn’t full of true joy.

There is one true way to be successful in succeeding in anything that you can list as a resolution. I don’t care if it’s finances, weight, pain, smoking, drinking or just being more happy. It is God, your Heavenly Father and creator. Once you learn to start giving each and every single piece of your life back to him, you will find that all of the things you wish to change about yourself will change for the better. He wants you to be happy. He wants you to be healthy. He wants you. Want a better marriage? Give it to him. Want to lose weight? Give it to him. You get the picture. Now all you have to do is ask.

Rather than writing a new year’s resolution, write down all of the things that keep you from having joy and peace in your life. All of them. Then talk to God, today, about you and Him working together on them. Find your joy, your peace and your change all in one place. He is waiting, no matter what you have done.

Be blessed,

Deacon Jason Bowden

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