What You Should Expect


If you have considered coming to Christmas Eve Mass this year, or most any Mass, then this article is for you. My Ministries are based out of Trinity Anglican Church in Rock Island, IL. (1818 6th ave. to be specific) and I would like to invite you and your family to come (December 24th at 10:30 p.m.) and adore Him with us. What should you expect?

First and foremost, you will enter a newly renovated entryway, worship space, and hallways. The Church itself, more than 150 years old, has recently undergone some interior renovation. The beauty and history of the Church will come alive as you step in the doors. Handcrafted, dark and beautiful wood will amaze your senses. It truly is a historic, warm and inviting building. This renovation is the work of pure love and a symbol of an alive and growing community. But, that is not all.

You will then be greeted by a warm, loving and accepting community. These are people, just like yourself, who are growing in their faith at all different levels, from all over the world. A handshake and a smile await you as we worship together and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the anticipation of his coming again.

As we begin, you will be treated to a half hour of Caroling. Music played, in various forms, including a traditional Pipe Organ played by our Choir Director who truly is gifted by God. Accompanying him on the organ is a group of amazingly talented and gifted Choir members who gift their talent to our community and are a vital role in our worship. You won’t be able to help yourself from singing along. The experience will overwhelm you.

Following the Caroling, the Mass begins. This is where we join with the whole company of Heaven in worshiping our creator, giving thanks to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You will not be left as a stranger. With the assistance of our community, Pew Cards and Prayer Book, you will be guided through a 1600 year old traditional English service. The Liturgy is transforming, elegant and beautiful. Scripture is read from the Old and New Testament and a Psalm (or portion of a Psalm) is read together. We will hear a Sermon from one of the most amazing Priests I have ever had the pleasure of serving with. Incense will fill the air as the Eucharist is offered. You are welcome, as a Baptized Christian, to come to the Altar Rail and either accept the Body and Blood of Christ or just cross your arms and receive a blessing.

Following our worship, you are then welcome to join us in the Parish Hall for cookies, made with love, by the young people of our community. The fellowship and warmth will envelope you.

This is the Christian Faith. This is a place for you and your family to come. All are welcome. All are encouraged to join us as we travel through this life together growing, learning and exercising our faith. I encourage you to come and check us out. You will come away with a sense of knowing that you have experienced the true meaning of Christmas and Christian Worship.

What should you expect?

“A window into Heaven and a Fountain of Grace”.

Be blessed,

Deacon Jason Bowden

Please like and share. For more information on Trinity Anglican Church, find us on Facebook or send me an email at deaconjason@mchsi.com.

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