Raccoons and Sin

I am currently dealing with a Raccoon.

Yes, you read that correctly. This is no ordinary rascal that you might see while driving at night. This particular varmint doesn’t go for the warmth of sewer drains like his buddies. No, this particular coon has decided that my attic makes a better hiding place.

Why not? Our Attic gives him warmth and a nice place to lay his head at night. But now it is time for him to leave.

You see this little fellow (or rather large fellow) has, on one occasion, made his way down our Attic stairs and to the bedroom door. Close enough to us, pal!

So what’s a guy to do when this occurs. I have found myself with a couple of options. The first is to “Man Up” and handle this creature from Hell myself or two, call in an expert to help exercise this demon. I chose the latter(not the ladder). I got on the phone with my buddy who referred a qualified professional. Yes, I asked for help.

This is how we deal with life as Christians. When a sin is starting to take over, and we realize it through self examination, we call in an expert. Just like how this Raccoon has gotten too close to the main floor and my family, a sin can do the same. First you see it. Then it finds a way in. Then, if allowed to stay, starts to creep ever closer to your heart, just like this Raccoon has made his way closer to my family. It starts to take over and it’s time to leave. I once heard sin is like a potato chip, you can’t eat just one.

So how do we deal with it? Call in the expert. Get rid of it. If a sin has started to dominate your life, come closer to effecting your family, taking your time away from joy, pulling you farther away from your relationships (including, and most importantly, your relationship with God), then it is high time to talk to an expert.

Phone number please? Easy…hit your knees. Pray, with all desire to let go in your heart, and ask God to forgive you for what you have done and rid your life of sin. It’s as easy as having a one on one conversation. Your Heavenly Father knows what you’ve done and knows the struggles you are having with it. Let him have it and get up and walk away from it. I have no idea how people go through life having heard of the redeeming power of Jesus Christ and what he did for us on the Cross yet still just sit and live miserably. He knows and wants to hear from you.

If the struggle you are having seems to big for you then find a Priest. Sit, and talk with him, pray with him, and head his advice. A Priest will not only be judged for his sin but the sins of those he is charged to lead. He is there for you. Call, sit, listen, pray and form a battle plan.

I do these things daily as I struggle as a sinful being. Through daily self examination I spot the sins that have made their way in and are creeping ever closer to my heart. Then I send a “Knee-mail” to my creator, to the one who took on human flesh and died on the cross so that I may have eternal life. Then I call upon the Holy Spirit to cover me as spiritual armor tomorrow as I walk back out into the world.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.

Be blessed,

Deacon Jason Bowden

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