How To Avoid Being Normal


I am currently sitting in the Mall at a table with a miserable cup of black coffee. Although it is hot and the air outside is cold, so, it will do. I am not generally one to sit in the Mall but I am waiting on a new pair of glasses so here I am for the foreseeable future (pun intended).

Something has occurred to me while sitting here and I would like to share it with you. It’s my blog and you have opted into a bit of an amusing agreement with me so humor me.

I am sitting outside of what appears to be a race. People of all different races, nationalities, genders and ages are walking. It is early on a Monday morning and people are hustling about. Some are probably Christmas shopping and others appear to be getting some exercise. All are traveling in, what appears from the center where I am currently, walking in a continuous circle. A never ending circle. Let’s call it life for a second.

As Christians we are called to be outside of the world. We are set apart from those who are mindlessly walking through their life journey never seeming to really be going anywhere. Now don’t think for a second that I am judging the people at the Mall as mindless wanderers. I am sure that they all have a goal for their current state of activity. But what is it?

Our journey must be one of constant work for the Kingdom of God and bringing him joy. In return, we get the benefits of eternal life and joy and peace and all that comes with it. Until those moments when we realize that we have fallen back into the world and right back among the Mall walkers of life, endlessly walking in a seemingly endless circle. Just walking about with no real purpose or joy. When you find yourself, as I do as well, just “going along and getting by”, find yourself a hot beverage and jump out of the rat race. Step away from the seemingly zombie life that so many in the world are in. Don’t be like the world, that is not what we are called for.

Here are a few things you can do. Pray. Have a conversation, no matter the length, with you Heavenly Father. Read, Digest, Mark and learn some scripture. There are a plethora of apps, websites or actual books (including a paperbound version of the Bible itself) that you can have to easily grab some scripture from. Pray the Rosary. Join a Bible study at Church. Go to the Mall and sit with a cup of coffee and meditate on what God is doing in your life. So many times out of the day we jump on Social Media or the internet to escape what we are doing only to be disappointed and feel more anger, despair and general discomfort in the world in which we live. Be different, because we are different.

Feel free to comment below how you jump off life’s train and reconnect with the life we are called to in our family of God.


Be blessed,

Deacon Jason Bowden

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2 thoughts on “How To Avoid Being Normal

  1. Archbishop Foley Beach’s Daily Devotional the other day discussed the perils of leading a life so busy and full that we are constantly stressed, so that every little new thing or complication threatens to set us off.

    Funny how these little nudges — the devotional, your post above — seem to come in a series.

    I’m actively trying a couple of strategies to disconnect from the noise and the stress, and plug into God.

    1. I no longer turn the TV on first thing when I come home. I used to habitually have the news on the kitchen TV, which was like an IV drip of stress and trouble and propaganda. Once I stopped turning on the TV, I noticed the difference immediately. Quiet is a beautiful thing.

    2. I’m talking contemplative walks. Walking has become my aerobic exercise of choice out of necessity as the knees are no longer up to running. I formerly approached walking like a task I needed to complete, which is to say, with a certain degree of determination, something to get finished and check off my list for the day. When I walked, I’d usually listen to a podcast on current affairs (stress, trouble, propaganda) or an audio book. Lately I have a new approach. The physical component is the same, but the mental side is different. I been using my walks as an opportunity for reflection and meditation. And sometimes even prayer.

    3. I’m in the process of learning the Rosary as a regular opportunity to step back from business and projects and the rat race and try to hear what God is saying to me.


    1. I agree with everything Mike. Especially with tv. We now record what we want to watch and watch just those shows. No longer is it on just to be on. Thanks for your reply


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