Dude, Your Sandals Are On Fire


Be like Christ. This is the ultimate goal. We will never become God, or even a god, but the entirety of our lives, no matter the length, is to strive to become like Christ. It is in this journey that we find ourselves daily. So how do we do this?

Wake up in the morning and feel refreshed. Score! You got a great night of peaceful sleep after spending some time in self examination and prayer. Your sins are forgiven and your sandals are on fire. Then, you step outside and into the world.

Hate, anger, darkness and the dog eat dog world waits to devour you. With my full armor of God firmly in place, I take off into the world like a pro wrestler entering the arena. But wait, why isn’t the world cheering. Where are the throngs of fellow believers pushing me forward. Instead, I get cut off in traffic while the radio newscaster bellows on about the latest fight in congress. Man, here comes the depression and unworthiness.

It is in that moment when our faith must kick in. Pray, dear Christian, pray. It is in the moments we find ourselves in daily that we must be that light that we always hear about. If you find darkness in the world, and it’s not hard, you must look around you and realize that this is your moment to shine for His glory. Every conversation, every decision, every interaction is your opportunity to blaze with the love of Christ. Make it your goal and the natural habit takes over.

You won’t ever be perfect, however, during your time of self examination at the end of each day you will start to see how you, even you, have started to shine His light brighter and brighter. Relationships change, your mood shifts and you will start to tap into his eternal presence in your life more and more. Don’t forget to be yourself as that is how God created you. I am geeky and what I find enjoyment in may not be the same as others, but isn’t that how God created us? We are individuals so don’t hide who you are while on your journey, just remember that the goal is always found when we spread His kingdom and bring Him glory.

Be blessed…

Deacon Jason Bowden

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