This week is a dark anniversary made glorious in my family’s life. After one year of marriage, my wife and I were awaiting the birth of our first child. Due to unexpected health issues, Jacob Michael was still born and given back to God on April 18, 1995. We then were blessed with the birth of our daughter but told we could have no more children. This was a blow to us as we wanted more. After a few years of wrestling with God, he answered our prayers for more children with calling us to Youth Ministry. After 13 years, the ministry is going strong and we have been blessed with being in the lives of many. They have taught us and touch us as well. Praise God and praise him in any storm of your life. You never know how he will bless you!

4 thoughts on “OUR TESTIMONY

  1. thank you for your honesty . I believe that those we love the most are only on loan form God and we must give them back with our love for Him


  2. I hope I was not condescending in my comment. I prayed for your family and thought I had not experienced your loss of a child and do not know the pain but I can only empathize with your pain. I am not making myself very clear only to say I hope I did not hurt by my comments


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